Over the last few years, as my interest and collection of astronomy equipment grew, so did the necessity of obtaining and devising computerized control systems to run the gear.  Although several software options are available, I found it to be more efficient and fun to create my own solutions.

GPS Control

X-10 Controller


I developed this program using Rapid-Q basic. It controls most of the functions  to operate a Meade Lx-200gps/acf telescope mount from a PC computer and also facilitates movement control of the telescope with a joystick.

This application was developed in Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express. It generates specific codes to operate X-10 control modules in the observatory which are used to power various devices on and off.

AllSky was also developed in VB 2010 Express. This application works in conjunction with the All-Sky camera to create images for a web server or to generate images for time lapse photography of the night sky.

I have also developed several Vb scripts to automate the operation of the observatory equipment to allow for unattended imaging sessions.