I never had much interest in birds until last year when a friend gave me a birdhouse kit and a bird feeder for Christmas (Thanks Eleanor!).

Just for the heck of it, I assembled the bird house and hung the bird feeder up to see what kinds of birds would feed on it.

Our backyard is heavily wooded and there are always several birds out there at any given time. But after I installed the bird feeder,

I started to see all kinds of colorful birds that I had never seen before. Some of them are so colorful, they almost seem like they could be someone’s pet bird that got loose.

Bird Watching

 I set up an outdoor web cam and have aimed it toward the bird house and bird feeder so I can always watch the birds from any computer in the house (or the iPad). Inside of the bird house, I installed a miniature wireless web cam so that after a bird takes up residence in the bird house, I’ll get a (bird’s-eye view) of the nest. (Pardon the pun).

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My original intention was to install a solar panel with some rechargeable batteries to power the wireless web cam inside of the birdhouse, but unfortunately, there is not enough sunlight during the day to keep the batteries fully charged. For the time being, the indoor birdhouse camera is a work in progress.

Click the “Play” button to view a time lapse video of the most recent hour of activity at the bird feeder.

(Video running time is approximately one minute.)

“Live” image updates every five seconds.