I’ve been pretty happy with the Meade 12” Lx-200 GPS scope, but for imaging the optics could use some improvement.

An ideal opportunity presented itself with the introduction of the Astro-Tech 10” R/C scope.

A few minor modifications will need to be made. I want to avoid making any permanent changes to the scope or mount...just in case.

We customized a couple of Losmandy dovetail adapters to make supports for the dovetail plates on the new scope.

Even though we’re going from a 12” scope to a 10”, the distance between the forks needs to be widened to accommodate the dovetail adapters and plates. The existing spacer blocks are replaced by thicker, custom made blocks.

The blocks are ready to be installed.

The mount is re-assembled and ready for the new scope.

Custom radius blocks and dovetail plates were made to accommodate a guide scope and counterweight set for the new OTA.

R/C optics on a fork mount. Look Ma, no meridian flip!