Imaging Equipment

This ccd camera is purpose built for astrophotography. It features an 8.3 megapixel monochrome Kodak ccd sensor which is mounted in a special sealed chamber which is refrigerated to help lower chip “noise”.

Unlike a consumer digital camera, the camera sensor in this camera is a monochrome sensor which helps to increase the sensitivity of the camera to low levels of light.

In front of the camera sensor chamber is a motorized carousel that can accomodate up to eight filters. This allows for the flexibilty of shooting through narrow-band filters along with the standard red green and blue colored filters.

The camera also features a guide port with a “pick-off” prism so that a guider camera can be attached to it. The guide camera takes short images of a star in the field of view every few seconds and sends correction signals back to the telescope mount to help keep the telescope trained on the exact same area of sky over time.


Qsi 683 wsg-8 CCD Camera astrobytes